This is what the new interactive spaces in your city will look like

Modelo de espacios tecnológicos

Your City Council already has the final designs of the elements that will make up the interactive spaces, which will be installed later in your city and with which we want to bring the administration and municipal services closer to you.  
These urban spaces will be made up of several elements, through which you will be able to access a wide variety of services and information, adapted for both citizens and tourists in the city:  

-Interactive screens: through these screens you will be able to carry out municipal procedures, contact the Citizen Attention Service, check the balance of your Citizen Card and recharge it, find out the occupancy of several buildings and facilities in the city, calculate how long it takes from one point to another in Santander, check the availability of bicycles in a particular place, view Santander's cultural agenda, events and concerts in the city, information on the weather or the tides, etc. Moreover, all this information will be available in both Spanish and English, so if you are a tourist, nothing will prevent you from accessing everything the interactive screens have to offer. 


-Rest areas, where you can sit down and connect to the public WIFI network while you charge your mobile phone battery. 

-Screens with interactive games for the youthlings, adapted to different ages, with fun and educational themes such as cooking, curious facts about Santander, etc., while you rest in the areas set up for this purpose or consult information on the interactive screens. The youngest visitors will find these children's tables in 3 of the 15 interactive spaces. 

Subsequently, based on this final design, 15 of these urban spaces will be manufactured and installed in various areas of the city, where you will be able to recognise them easily thanks to the SmartCitizen initiative's signage that you will find next to them. The locations will be: 

Entrance to the Magdalena Palace Site  

Italia Square  

Las Llamas Square 

Science Square  

María Cristina Park 

Pereda Promenade  

Town Hall Square  

Stations Square (Plaza de las Estaciones) 

Castilla Street / Local Police  

San Fernando  


Cazoña Civic Centre  


Nueva Montaña  


We want you to enjoy these spaces and have a closer and more accessible administration.