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Santander is already at the cutting edge of technology in many fields and for this reason, we want to continue the irrepressible digital transformation of your city. The SmartCitizen Initiative will allow us to drive development and innovation in Santander's public services.

Our biggest challenge is to create a new integrated model for managing communication and relationships with citizens and companies, which will allow us to successfully carry out improvements to public services. To achieve this, we count on a partnership with and the European Commission, as well as a budget of 6.7 million euros, all with the aim of Bringing Santander to You #CercanoyTuyo.

To achieve our main goal of placing you, the citizen, at the center of all municipal action, we will provide you with tools that allow us to hear, understand and meet your needs in the most effective and straightforward way.

We, as your City Council, want you to be part of this project. On this page you will find all the details on the work we are doing.

Steps Taken by the Initiative

We are making great efforts to make Santander City Council a transparent and accessible administration. These are the new services available to you:

Icono de la Tarjeta Ciudadana

The Citizen Card, which you can use to access buses, parking, municipal sports facilities, libraries, leisure centres, tourist attractions and cultural services, and more.

Icono de la App Santander Ciudad

The Santander Ciudad Mobile App, which, as well as giving you access to the Citizen Card on your phone, will allow you to view information on all municipal services, report incidents, and also complete simple administrative procedures with the City Council.

Icono de la Plataforma de participación ciudadana

Citizen Participation. We want Santander to be a more participatory city and to achieve this, in addition to developing a Plan to encourage people to get involved, we have created a new platform to make possible real and effective and participation, where the citizen is at the centre of things.

Icono de Espacios interactivos

Interactive Spaces. We want to be an accessible administration. For that reason, you will find spaces with public WIFI, furniture, charging points for mobile devices and interactive tables with games for kids, across the city.

Icono de los Beacons

New ways of communicating with you. While you are walking around the city, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone, so that you can access information according to your preferences, through the app.

Icono del Servicio de atención ciudadana

Multichannel customer service for citizens and businesses. Connect with the City Council any way you want: telephone, chat, mail, social networks and instant messaging. Through the City Council, we have unified all the available information services so that you can access them in the most convenient and simple way possible.

Icono de Ciudadano 360

360 Citizen. Thanks to the data we are collecting through our new internal data management platform (CRM), we will be able to offer you services adapted to your preferences, as well as anticipate and better adapt them in future.

Icono de monitorización de afluencia

Monitoring of the flow of people in and out of public buildings and spaces. Using electronic devices, we can control the capacity of municipal buildings and spaces where the movement of people is usually high. This will allow us to know how many are entering and leaving these buildings and let you know if they are full or if it is a good time to visit them.

Icono del Servicio de turismo y movilidad

Big data in the service of tourism and mobility. We are continuing to use aggregated and anonymised data from the mobile operator to provide you with information on visitors, overnight stays and mobility, as well as data that allow us to fully understand the city's economic activity.

Benefits of services


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  • Icono de la APP Santander Ciudad

Our main objective is to make Santander a city connected to you, the citizen. We are working to make sure you have all the information in your hand, while also listening to you. We want to hear your opinions and suggestions.

To make it easy for you, in 15 areas throughout the city (with more planned for the future), you will find Interactive Spaces where, for example, you can recharge your mobile devices and kids can play on interactive tables. Moreover, through our technological street furniture, you can complete any administrative tasks and receive information on municipal services. You will also be able to recharge your Citizen Card and receive personalised notifications.

We will also boost citizen participation using the Citizen Participation Platform, where you can make suggestions, take part in public debates and in the democratic consultation processes being arranged by the City Council. We look forward to hearing your proposals.

Remember that you make Santander what it is!

Santander Ciudad

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  • Icono de la APP Santander Ciudad
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We want Santander to be an accessible city that facilitates strong communal relationships. To achieve this, we are launching the Santander Ciudad App, where you can access several city services and where users can receive useful notifications about city life in real time (including tourism, commerce, accommodation, restaurants, culture, sports, leisure, transport, traffic, parking, employment, health, etc.). However, we also want to offer you with information tailored to your interests and hobbies.

The application will allow you to stay up to date on what’s happening in the city, easily complete any admin work with the City Council, keep citizenship informed of any incidents, and send us your complaints and suggestions.

To meet challenges like COVID-19, we have installed capacity control solutions in municipal buildings. We want to make sure all this information is at your fingertips through the app!

Citizen Card

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We want to make your life easier and more comfortable, so we will unify all the city's cards into one, available physically or through the city's App, with which you can access sports facilities, libraries, museums, exhibitions and cultural events.

It will also allow you to use public transport, rent bicycles, buy tickets, pay taxes, etc. The card has an electronic wallet where you can top up your balance, just like with our bus cards, or if you prefer, you can link it to your bank account.

You can also take advantage of the loyalty campaigns with discounts in small shops and for city services. We think of everyone, we think of you!

Citizen Support Service

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We appreciate your time: that’s why we are making every effort to improve public services, access to information and make it easier for you to take care of any administrative tasks.

The new Citizen Support Service will enable you to carry out administrative tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently, without wasting time. With a call to 010 or a message via a social networking platform you can find out where and how to complete your paperwork. No more waiting times, no more long queues, no more walking around the city looking for the right place to fill out the forms.

We want you to enjoy your time; we want you to enjoy the city of Santander!

As you can see, citizens, tourists and visitors are at the centre of the Santander SmartCitizen initiative. The services and improvements we are working on are focused on them since we are all part of the City. Developing these will require a substantial investment of both time and technology. We want you to join us in this process. On this page we will outline the steps we are taking.

The objective of the initiative is to Bring Santander to You #CercanoyTuyo.

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