Citizen Card

Thanks to the Santander SmartCitizen project, you will have a Citizen Card at your disposal. This will unify the cards you have had until now: acting as a form of ID and as means of payment, helping you to access places in the city. You can have a physical card, or carry it on your cell phone integrated in the Santander Ciudad App.

You can use this card whether you live in Santander, come here regularly or are simply a tourist. You can use it the way that fits you best.

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The Citizen Card is ideal if you are registered as a citizen of Santander. It is nominal, so you can identify yourself via the City Hall census. You also can use it to pay for city services, using a pre-pay mode or by linking it to your bank account.

In addition, you will have access to the many services offered by the City Council, including:

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    Sport Activities

    Access, book and pay for sports facilities such as the Albericia Complex, the Municipal Swimming Pool, the fitness room at Palacio de los Deportes, or the Mataleñas Golf Course.

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    Check out books easily from the municipal library network.

  • Icono de cultura y museos

    Culture and museums

    You will have the option to buy tickets for cultural events or city museums.

  • Icono de tercera edad


    Access to the activities of the Espacio Joven and the leisure program "La Noche es Joven".

  • Icono de tercera edad


    Enjoy all the services offered by the City Council, such as home-delivered meals or teleassistance among others.

  • Icono de trámites municipales

    Municipal procedures

    You can use it for those procedures where you need to identify yourself, such as requesting a census certificate or paying municipal taxes.

  • Icono de transporte público

    Public transport

    Use your card to buy your ticket or purchase a monthly urban transport card.

  • Icono de turismo


    Access to tourist services such as the Cultural Ring.

  • Icono de tercera edad

    Other services

    More services will be added over time and you will be able to use the Citizen Card to access them.

If you do not live in Santander, but you come to the city often, you can purchase the Bahia Card. With this card you will have at your fingertips a lot of municipal services. If you are a tourist, you can get a Faro Card valid for up to 7 days.


Where can I find them?

70,000 cards will be distributed free of charge to citizens registered in Santander. In addition, we will make them available online, so that any registered person can apply for a card without having to go anywhere.

If you find difficulties or need any help with the card, you can go to the Citizen Card Assistance Office that the City Council will make available to you.

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