The Multichannel Citizen Service will be one of the latest features implemented on the Technological Space Totems

AT Espacio Tecnólogico

One of the latest functionalities scheduled for implementation on the Technological Space Totems is the Multichannel Citizen Service integration. Once the technology has been set up at select spots throughout the city, this latest service will be provided, with the aim of facilitating your communication with the City Council.   

The interactive screens at the Technological Spaces will now feature a chat through which it will be possible to make citizen information queries such as, for example, requests for information on municipal paperwork, checking for updates on your ongoing procedures, or reporting incidents in the city. The Multichannel Citizen Service staff will be able to reach you instantly using this chat, providing you with the information so that you don't have to make these queries in person at City Hall.

To access this instant chat you will only have to press the "Help" icon on the interactive screens. It won't be necessary for you to log in in order to use them. This screens will be part of the aforementioned Totems, which will be available in all 15 Technological Spaces installed throughout the city. The specific locations of these Spaces are listed in this a previous post.


The goal of the new channels for information and communication provided by the Multichannel Citizen Service is to facilitate municipal tasks, and enable you to make any necessary queries from any point of the city and with a plethora of options available.  

Should you prefer to contact the Citizen Service through another channel, you will have the option of doing so by telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp, or using the municipal social network profiles. For further contact information for the Multichannel Citizen Service, you can visit the City Council's website